Create Grocery Lists

Automatically Generate a Grocery List

ourmealplan will automatically generate a grocery list for the time period of your choosing based on the meals you’ve planned in your calendar.

A photo of ourmealplan's shopping list feature.
A photo of ourmealplan's groceery store editor tool.
Stores and Departments

Organize the items in your grocery list by store and department (pantry items such as spices have a separate list). You can control what stores and departments are displayed and can setup as many stores as you buy from.

Add Items to Your Grocery List

You can also add independent items to your grocery list. These items will be displayed in a different colour from the recipe items.

A photo of ourmealplan's tool for adding items to your shopping list.
A photo of ourmealplan's item quantity capabilities for your shopping list.
Add Items to Your Grocery List

Adjust the quantities of any of the items in your grocery list by double-clicking on the quantity number beside the item name.